Resources for Young Plant Growers and MSU’s 2018 Recommendations

Resources for Young Plant Growers and MSU's 2018 Recommendations

Michigan State University Extension has published numerous articles recently that are excellent resources for greenhouse growers starting the new spring season. The resources for the new season include: a start-up checklist, five considerations when starting a new season, and MSU Extension ’s 2018 disease and insect management recommendations. In addition, our faculty and outreach specialists have prepared three resources for growers rooting vegetative cuttings or growing young plants. Check out these excellent resources by clicking on the links below: Resources for a New Season: Vegetative Cutting Resources: Photo by: Dr. W. Garrett Owen WANT TO ADD YOUR COMMENTS? Simply fill out the form below, which will be sent directly to the author. Please note, it is up to the discretion of the individual author to reply and/or post comments on this blog page.